Buy OxPat a coffee


Heya, nice to see you here 👋

It's lockdown number 2495 and I thought to myself, hey, let's open a virtual coffee shop and make new friends over a cuppa. Or have I gone mad? Either way, a healthy shot of caffeine keeps me more sane than reading the same news headlines as if it's a broken record. 

On a brighter note, I've commenced my PhD studies at Oxford during lockdown so I'm really enjoying my complete student life experience.

Seriously though, if you're a student and found my TikTok and/or YouTube videos helpful, that alone makes me super happy. Thou shall not worry, I'm a student for at least 4 more years so a lack of content will be just as likely as Gordon Ramsey actually giving a compliment :')

Honestly, you don't have to buy me a coffee but as Tesco nicely says "every little helps" :)