In the past 4 months we have been sharing on social media (mostly on Facebook) different historical facts about mathematics and mathematicians - Today in the History of Mathematics. We are doing all the research on different websites including the OEIS Foundation and Mathematical Association of America. During our research we found few mentions of women and their work. At the moment we found aspects mostly about Emmy Noether.

We would like to create a calendar dedicated to women in mathematics, their work, awards and publications. The project will be ongoing work and we plan to release a first draft on our website in mid July. This project needs in depth research and planning. In addition to online sourcing, we plan to buy more books about women in mathematics to help us with our research.

As a supporter of this project you will receive:

  • early access to all the information we are `discovering`, which will not be posted on other social media platforms
  • book recommendations about women in mathematics and their work
  • early access to any blog posts related to women in mathematics
  • mentioned as a supporter on our website when the project will be accessible for everyone.

Most importantly you will be part of a great community of people interested in the work of these mathematicians. You can share ideas, information, resources, articles or videos about this topic and discuss with others.