I recently started following this account on Instagram and HAD to show Becky because it was too spot on not to!

I've been ambivalent (read: Scathing) about astrology in the past but my stance has somewhat changed since I also believe in the indisputable 'facts' of energy...that what happens on our planet can be and is influenced by other big planetary bodies in our system (the moon and tides), and why on earth wouldn't other bodies of energy (planets) also have an influence and impact on our planet?

Where it gets tricky however is the interpretation – and who does this, how they do it, and how any of this can be 'proven' by the scientific methods we currently have available to us. 

No matter. These guys are worth a follow, if only for the laughs. Annoyingly for us (I'm Cancer, Becky is Pisces), they're frequently far too bang on!