I am 24 young brunette Cuban girl that often has made several tours to the USA. Last year before the COVID-19 outspread, I had to go to Texas to attend my friend’s charity ball ceremony. She runs an NGO and works for the betterment of the homeless kids.

So, as I am a local singer with a mellifluous voice, thus she, therefore, invited me for the Charity Ball function. Upon reaching the airport there at Cypress. I had to look for the shuttle service near me.

There was a huge fleet of buses and shuttles with designated numbers and codes. I was unsure about the codes and numbers. Though, I asked one of the companions who alighted with me from the plane. I asked him as he looks the resident of Cypress and I inquired him my designated address. The person was so affable and soft-spoken.

He told me about the airport shuttle number with time. But he also told me that the shuttle will leave after two hours.

As I was already running with the time short, so I cannot afford that further delay. Because I was unable to be later. It was a frigid night of December and I was wearing a beige jacket with a long overcoat.

The stranger companion was pacing with me along the airport corridor. When I arrived at the immigration counter I got the off-boarding pass and received my baggage from the conveyor belt. Coincidentally, that very companion was again standing ahead of me. We exchanged a grin and he said, have you reserve your seat online or yet to book.

I told him that I cannot go for the airport shuttle because It will depart after two hours and I am unable to wait that long. He smiled and said to me.

Ma’am! If you don’t mind you can accompany me because I am going the same route where your destiny is.

I looked into his eyes and he turned with blush cheeks and eyes. He said, I do apologize for any unsound word but I didn’t mean that.

You are a stranger to our city and it is my onus to guide and cooperate you.—he asserted. He was a really nice guy so I could not resist.

We took our luggage and set out to find the Best Airport Car Service in Cypress TX. He bought me a latte and we taking sips reached the car lounges. There were a lot of cars and he booked a nice one.

We got in the car and soon a new journey of friendship started as the car moved on. He told me, he is a software engineer and works in a local firm and he uses to go to Cuba for various software projects.

He also told me that he was very inspired by the inspirational persona of Che Guevara. This was how I found a good guy to befriend with and he also was added as my good American friend to my list.