These are the first pictures of a new giant-sized sketch of Aberdeen which is being created while in lockdown.

We have managed to make progress despite being unable to visit the north-east during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The sketch is at the pencil stage, it currently measures over 3-meters and is still growing! as soon as we have been able to make our visits to Aberdeen again, we will begin laying down the ink, you'll see winding roads, familiar shops, and iconic landmarks all in intricate detail.

We have already created several other giant sketches depicting cities across Britain: Birmingham, Manchester, Dundee, Edinburgh, Stirling, Perth, and Inverness - all the works have been shown in notable galleries and venues within each respective city.

The overall plan is to sketch all 69 cities of the UK - which to our knowledge has never been done - join our email list and keep up to date with where we will be sketching next.

If you like what we are doing, buy us a coffee, help us cover framing costs for this sketch, and come and see it on display!


Lorna and Carl

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