Starting in July, Boring Books for Bedtime is beginning an experiment. We're going to see if we can drive enough listener support to go ad-free permanently, because when you're trying to sleep, do you really want to hear about razors and mattresses and Squarespace? Ugh, no, of course you don't! The fact that you're here means you are helping us never do that to you. How cool are you??

To sweeten the support pot, we're also going to start holding a monthly raffle for a cool thing! Everyone who supports us here or through our Patreon ( during the month will be entered into the drawing for that month's prize. Neat, right? AND, since this is our first month of doing this, everyone who has ever contributed to Buy Me A Coffee from the very beginning will be entered into this first drawing as a thank-you for getting us here in the first place.

This month (July), our prize is a print copy of one of your very favorite books, the 1897 Sears & Roebuck Co. Catalog! You have no idea how many hours of weird entertainment it holds between its covers. So good.

Thank you to everyone who helps this podcast be an ad-free space of relaxation, and good luck!