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We do Mechanical Keyboard Things; a Podcast and YouTube Content.

We started this Journey in 2016 making a Mechanical Keyboard orientated Podcast, and in 2017 expanded our content to YouTube as well.

All of our content is 100% free to access, and we also have some great giveaways thanks to our community sponsors.

If you like what we do, and want to shout us some coffee, than thank you. 

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RacerXK1 bought 5 coffees.

Thanks for all you do with the podcast and YouTube channel. I’m looking forward to seeing future developments on the Down Bubble key board!

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Thanks for the help trying to decipher my keeb dilemma! Great channel with top shelf content!

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Let's get you guys over that 20$ hump

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Hey guys! Great job with the podcast, it was a nice listen and it was nice to hear opinions on the CandyKeys drama from your side. We made a response to it on reddit but I am not sure if you saw it, we deleted it 3 days after posting. There are many sponsors/names at this event and we would find it selfish to not share them. Wooting, CoolerMaster, Cherry and many other small and large companies are contributing to the event by giving away prizes, setting up stalls and giving presentations. Full list can be seen here -   Thank you for understanding that we were not involved in the decision making and planning of sponsors at this event. Keep rocking guys! It is great entertainment while driving in the cold weather of Germany.

Hi David,I've already replied on reddit, but thank you for the clarification, and I will make sure we tell everyone on next week's show as an errata about the other sponsors!Thank you for your support :)

Jonas Rullo
Jonas Rullo bought a coffee.

Thanks for the keyboard shows! Really enjoy the reviews and soldering.