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Chaotic neutral. Very Transgender ™️. She/Her. Comms genius. Creative director. ✨Writer ✨ Saturday Paper, Primer, SF Chronicle, The Big Smoke, Smart Company. Building Tiny Spells!

I write a daily self care email called Tiny Spells, and I blog and write about transgender rights, media and gaming. Thank you for your support!
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Thank you, Joan, your emails inspire me to show up better for myself and others.🖤

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Thank you. Your words ring true every time. 

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Thank you  Tiny Spells is majick that resonates deeply for me 🙏🏼

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Thanks Joan. Sometimes Tiny Spells makes me cry but not in a bad way. I love your twitter daily call out. It reminds me to be a light to others too. Thank you for your work. 

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Thank you for Tiny Spells