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3D printing a humanoid robot called AVA

I want to thank you for all of your support, I am sick and tired of waiting for the future to come to me so I am going to just build it.

AVA (ADVANCED VISUAL ANDROID) is a vision and a dream of mine which as you can see with the help of you guys is becoming a reality.

Those who support me and want to contribute to building AVA will have a one on one with me through email to any questions they have and we will collaborate ideas together. As I am doing with a maker who is working on the robots legs and already making improvements which will be available to you all on thingiverse.

I am just one monkey in a man suit.

Lets build this together 

I want to show anyone that they can do anything and be anything they want to be.

I am breaking free from the norm by building and open sourcing AVA to all of you.


Someone bought 5 coffees.
Someone bought 5 coffees.

.build that beauty.

awesome Thank you I am now here for you for any questions you have

Someone bought 5 coffees.

Once im rich i ll support you more .