As a designer, most of us dream to get our gowns on a pageant stage, and I've been fortunate enough to experience that a few times in my life. ❤️

This was the last pageant I was able to do, Miss Mandaue 2019. We were tasked to design black evening gowns with gold accents. For this gown, I wanted to present something classic, sensual and fitted but still have an element of whimsy and flow.

The photo on stage:

Photo post-pageant:

Photo backstage:

Video of the gown in motion:

Overall, I was very happy with the look that I was able to create, and I am personally excited for more pageants to come, post-COVID.❤️ This is definitely one of my favorite pieces that I have ever gotten to design and execute.

Candidate: Kristine Gillamac
Hair and Makeup by Scarlet Tumalon of Cebu
Shoes and Accessories by Shandar Cebu