INRI Knight

Dec 04, 2022

INRI knight

I’m not too content with state of the world. It’s Babylonian ways have messed up much.

It’s no wonder my prince, king and high priest stated my kingdom is not of this world.

It is said that things don’t square in time, but time squares all things.

To me the time for Saints and Sinners is finished.

Friends call me Page and am a jester (fool) of the kings court.

A Page with with an u unwavering mission to become knighted.

None are too young. Too old or too crazy to acknowledge that which is right. Just and fair.

This being the foundation for knighthood.

I cannot and will not play this political correct nonsense. There is a natural way of life that is, has always been and always will be.

Groups push their ideologies via courts and legal means. The fact that it’s legal does not make it moral.

The universe is amoral, but it favours free will.

In my Father’s kingdom mankind has been anointed with a spirit being, (soul) or divine spark.

I personally consider the breath of life a fractal of the living God.

The soul cannot be corrupted, while in the physical and in the mind - one should not be surprised of getting fooled.

In every spirit being there is intelligence.

In every intelligence there is thought.

In every thought there is good and evil.

In every evil there is death.

In every good there is life.

In every life there is God.

The battle rages on - Truth or untruth.

Most but not all run towards god, while others “race” away.

The good towards God or evil to be a devil.

The Father willing, I will be an I.N.R.I. Knight

IINRI - Jesus of Nazareth King if the Jews.

The New Jerusalem is gathering and is nearly upon us.

The New Jerusalem comes down from Heaven.

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