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The Grand Holiday Bundle

The Grand Holiday Bundle

Jul 26, 2021

Debbie, Juliane and Jorgelina have created a brand new set of Holiday-Themed Resources. In this new set, you can find Pixel Activities, Block Puzzles (with memes), Puzzle activities (which you can out ANY picture you'd like in), Mazes, Matching Activities, Color-Reveals and MUCH MORE!

Each holiday (Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas) has a unique bundle of 25 resources EACH.

We then combined the three holidays for a MASSIVE 75-Resource Bundle!

And the best part? We are going to run 2 Live Webinars to teach ANYONE that would like to join us how to incorporate and use these activities in their own classrooms!

Want a sneak peek of a maze like the ones included in our bundle? Check out the FREE TPT Listing Below:

Want to follow our TPT store for all of our future bundles or easy to use activities? Click Below:

Interested in the GRAND HOLIDAY bundle? Click Below:

Want to join us live on YouTube? No Purchase Necessary! Subscribe to our YouTube Channel, and check out all of our tutorial videos!

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