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Christopher Kapic
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I'm new to Linux, so I've been watching a lot of DistroTube. I recently came across the stuff about you, him, and InstantOS, and I was impressed by your class. I'm also impressed (based on what I've seen) on the product of your work--InstantOS looks like a beautiful distro. I'm thinking of making my own distro (kind of as a resume project, I suppose) and this is definitely inspiring for me. Cheers, Christopher

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I am new to Linux, (& non technical), since I wanted something refreshing. I liked plan9 but not sure what is going on there. Everything out there is "bland" and variations to the same theme 9 still in the dark ages of UI. Nothing original. I could not find a reason to try/ switch until Instant OS. Yours definately is refreshing and I like how you think. Looking forward to trying it. Now the tough part - figuring it out. Regards, Fred

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Thanks mate, really appreciate it

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Started using the distro, so far I can really recommend it