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My name is Nic Ryan and I'm the creator and host of the Paranormal Mysteries Podcast.

Creating the Podcast has been a dream come true, but I've reached a point where I could use some helping hands. I've had the support of my wife and family since I uploaded our first episode, but now I need your support to ensure that the podcast continues to move forward.

I am passionate about being able to offer you a show that is entertaining, informative and worthy of your time and in order to do that, I need to be able to focus more of my time on the podcast and less time on other work related obligations.

Your donation and support allows me to do just that and it ensures that the show WILL go on.

Thank you so much for being a listener and a supporter!

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  Nic Ryan
  Creator and Host; Paranormal Mysteries Podcast

Maddie J
Maddie J bought 3 coffees.

love your podcast

Thank you very much Maddie! I'm glad you're enjoying it. Have a great rest of the week. 👽 👍 

gasulufisu bought 3 coffees.

Thanks for all the great content!

Thank you for listening and supporting the show! Much appreciated! 😊 

Maya bought 5 coffees.

Thanks for the great podcast!!

Maya, thank you so much!!!!!!! You're too kind. I'm glad that you enjoy the show. 👽 👍 

Alessandra Trevisan
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I really appreciate your support Alessandra! Thank you very much!

It is my whole pleasure. My blessings.

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Rickard Borg
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Thank you Rickard!