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Mike Delcoro

Tech Specialist, Co-Lead Investigator, Co-Host of the War Party Paranormal Radio Show  

Mike Delcoro is a paranormal investigator and electronics tech with War Party Paranormal Research Team. Creator of the DELCO Experiment ( Cross between the Ganzfeld experiment & Estes Method with custom goggles) and Co-Host of the War Party Paranormal Radio Show. The Team's main goal is to help people that are experiencing things they believe it be paranormal at their home or business these residential cases are all 100% confidential and privet. To get the team out in-front of people they hold public events and live interactive investigations. They are a nonprofit organization, the cost or any ticket gets donated the the historical societies and locations and this is their findings… Watch Our Live Show Every Monday Night 9PM EST: @warpartyparanormal #DELCOexperiment #warpartyparanormal #flaparanormalresearcher #ghost #Estesmethod #hauntedplaces #scaryvideos #ghosthunters #paranormalinvestigation #paranormalactivity #hauntings