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BREED (One-on-One Bible Study)


Hello, I am Solomon.

I am a Theologian and an Apologist with a strong zeal for God's word. My primary areas of interest are Biblical Studies, New Testament Studies, and Apologetics. Aside being an academic, I have a dynamic teaching ministry and also spend most of my free time developing strategic youth programs for effective discipleship.

My Projects

I found out in my early years that I have a passion to study about God and know the Creator. The more I sought to know Him, the more I desired to know Him. Fast forward this childhood desire to know God has developed into a hunger to please Him and do His good pleasures. Consequently, I was inspired to set up a project to help bring Christians to the truth of God's nature, His ways, His will and His vision for humanity. Read more about these projects below:

Solomon's Beyond Religion Podcast

The Podcast engages Christian though-leaders in spiritual and socio-cultural issues related to the Christian faith and life. The aim is to assist the understanding of adherents on difficult, sensitive and controversial issues pertaining to the faith. The aim is to unpack biblical "mysteries" and make comprehension easy and plain to the believing heart.

The podcast is on YouTube, Anchor, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and all major podcasting platforms.

Global Chokma Network

The Global Chokma Network is a Christian mentorship and discipleship project designed to offer good Christian mentorship/discipleship to young Christians and converts. We are building a global network of Christian mentors and mentees on the foundation of love, sincerity, integrity, discipline and sound doctrine. Our goal is to create an enabling environment where Christians can grow in every aspect of their lives through Christian mentorship, discipleship and fellowship. 

Clarity (Christian Research Institute)

Claity is a Christian Research Institute birthed to produce carefully researched information for Christian institutions and the Church, to assist in decision making. The institute also provides reasoned research information for individuals to facilitate an informed faith-living and to accelerate a holistic comprehension of the Christian faith.


Breed. is a studious Christian community where genuinely interested believers and skeptics are brought to a coherent and comprehensive understanding of the Bible through assisted learning.

Why we need your support

Your support will enable us to expand our team, and get the necessary equipment to facilitate our projects. Through your support, we will be able to reach out to a larger audience with the gospel, love and care. Your donations will also help us to strengthen our Christian mentorship program.

We just found a way you can support our cause without breaking the bank. You can support with any amount starting from $1.00. Your support will be strictly directed into giving breath to our vision of reconciliation and in exchange you will receive exclusive podcasts, articles and updates of our projects right in your inbox. Partner with us to make a difference.

We love you.