It has become necessary due to divine inspiration and current corrupt spiritual activities that I share this with you. This article may sound prophetic, but most of the revelations I will share with you are already happening. Kindly pray this prayer out before proceeding further:


Dear God I believe in you. I believe in your salvation and accept Jesus Christ (Yeshua) as my LORD and Savior. I believe that Yeshua is the way, the truth and the life and no one comes to you except through Him. Father, please protect my soul and heart from corruptible knowledge and lead me in the way of truth. Teach me by your Spirit and order my steps in the way of truth. Amen.

Let us move on

We are living in a season of knowledge that started some centuries ago. This season of knowledge is growing daily and knowledge is increasing rapidly. We are currently in a phase or dimension of this "knowledge season" where man's focus on self shall increase greatly, with a primary emphasis on spiritual wellbeing: what is called enlightenment, consciousness, inner peace or unity of being.

Man's desire for self will take centre stage and his entire existence will be consumed by a lust for self-advancement. To satisfy his varied ambitions, man shall seek for "forbidden" knowledge, unconventional experiences and mystic teachers whose teachings contradict the person of God, His will and His ways as revealed in the Bible. Man will not be satisfied with the simple truth and shall seek for complicated means to reach certain levels of spiritual dimensions and satisfy various pleasures.

This phase has already began and it will take another form in about 2-3 decades from now where truth will not be easily identifiable and where speakers of God's truth will be scarce. There will be a significant shift from the Gospel of Jesus Christ to varied gnostic experiences (primarily spiritual) with a focus on immortality, incarnation, a higher form of being, astral projections, consciousness, and moral relativity related to the growth of our democratic system. It shall be so strong that if God does not shorten the season, some remnants may be enslaved into deception and consequentially apostasy. It won't be a simple black or white, it is a falsehood that has the appearance of truth and light, so convincing that many will follow it as a universal phenomenon.

The purpose of this article

I write this article because I have been sent to warn the remnant and the modern Church against a different dimension of "False Teachings that exists now, and that shall multiply in about three decades from now. The evidence shall take three forms, that is, an emphasis on ascetism, a multiplication of licentiousness, and a preference for sophistry (moral relativity that will reject absolute truth, i.e. there is no absolute truth, everything is permissible).

The Apostle Paul contended against these teachings in the foundational years of the Church (especially, the church in Galatians, Corinth and Collose), and so did the early Church Fathers. The latter referred to these Teachings as heretical and banished the teachers out of the Church.

Due to the work of the early Church Fathers, many of these false teachers went into hiding and practised secretly as cults or secret societies. But as man's democracy matured, they came out of hiding into main stream religion as New Age teachings. But in a technical and prophetic sense, these teachings are not new, they are simply evolving in accordance to their assigned times and seasons and as necessary elements playing out in the fulfilment of Biblical prophecy.

I have been sent to encourage and caution you to fix your eyes on Jesus Christ. I would love to give you more details on the features of these incoming dimension, but the Spirit of God does not permit me to go beyond what He has permitted me to share, such that when I attempt to go further the Spirit disagrees with my spirit and my soul becomes disturbed.

The instruction is simple:

  • What is of God is no more a secret. It has been made plain to all. The grace of God has appeared to all men, it is no more a mystery to be revealed through certain laws of existence or experiences. All it takes is to believe in Yeshua, by accepting him as LORD and Savior.

  • Fix your eyes on Jesus Christ, his gospel and his ways as revealed through the unity and coherency of the message preached by the Old Testament Prophets, and the Apostles through the grace of our LORD Jesus Christ.

  • Do not accept vain philosophies and mystic teachings that promise a higher form of being or spiritual dimensions that lead to consciousness or enlightenment (a gnostic-Christian definition of salvation).

  • By all means do not accept any other doctrine that contradicts the true message given to you by God through the Apostles. Even if it comes from Angels or Teachers that appear to be holy or spirit beings that claim to be from God. Remember, the devil can appear as angel of light.

  • Seek God to preserve the sanity of your whole being. Constantly renew your mind through prayer and the study of God's will as revealed through the Prophets and the Apostles in the Bible.

  • Jesus is enough, he is the only way and beyond him there is no other given being, way or truth to save mankind.

  • Mankind is closer to the end of time, do not allow yourself to be drawn into vain philosophies. Uphold the doctrines of the Apostles and persevere to the end.

  • Nothing in this world or beyond can satisfy you except Jesus Christ. Don't chase the things of this world, it will bring you into destruction. Do not focus on self, Focus on Yeshua!

I pray that this revelation will create or recreate in you a hunger and thirst for the LORD. I pray that you shall abide in Christ, and your soul shall be preserved. May God order your steps into truth and may your soul be protected against the growing works of the Prince of this age.

Should you doubt this revelation or its source, kindly go into prayer and seek God's face for a confirmation. Also compare the contents of this revelation to the Bible and search critically for contradictions. Test all spirits to know which is from God. I am but a messenger.

May God be with you.