Occultism in Christian Clothing (Pt. 1)

Occultism in Christian Clothing (Pt. 1)

Jan 17, 2023

Many people of faith are lazy and gullible. Unprofitable syncretistic Christian traditions have rendered many of us ignorant, with a sponsored reluctance to study the Bible for ourselves. Even if we are to study for ourselves, how do we go about it and who will guide us in a honest and objective study. Teachers of the truth of God's inspired word (the Bible) are few. The rest are either gnostic teachers, teachers sponsored to deceive Christians, or well meaning servants of God with insufficient understanding of the Bible.

Consequentially, many of us are left to choose from an open market of religious ideologies to satisfy our unquenchable lust for materialism (the Good Life). Having little or no knowledge about the truth of the Bible, we are left in an open market of religious ideas to make a purchase according to our preference and wants.

The average Christian cares less about his soul. He gives much priority to the things of this world, and through his lust for materialism, the devil sifts his soul. A few have consciously exchanged their souls for wealth and influence, but many of us have sold out our souls unknowingly by pursuing what we consider to be the "Good Life".

In our pursuit for the "Good Life" and a "Problem Free Life", we have walked into temples disguised as Church buildings managed by occultic agents masquerading as Pastors. We have been given substances to eat, or drink, elements to pour on our door posts or shops and to paste in our houses for protection and provision. These substances and elements serve as mediums through which these occultic agents place enchantments on us.

Like the extremes of the Health Industry and Big Pharma, these elements and substances keep us in a cycle of problems to sustain our dependence on them. The same substance serving as a cure, is also a poison.

We are lazy and selfish, always seeking for short cuts when God is not far from us. By our own lust for the "Good Life", we give in to temptations that can cost us eternity. But we don't care, because we have not believed.

We are surrounded by witches and wizards at every turn, but we are blinded by our pursuit for happiness. We call the practise of sorcery, prophetic anointing, and the gifts of the devil, we consider as blessings. Have you ever wondered why their practise is similar? That's because they drink from the same source.

Indeed, it is difficult to discern a wolf in sheep clothing, and even more difficult to differentiate between a true Angel of God and the one that appears in the likeness of an Angel. So Paul advises that we stick to true doctrine, warning that we should call accursed any being (whether from heaven or earth) that comes with a different gospel.

But how would we know true doctrine when we don't give ourselves to Bible studies. How would we know true doctrine when the modern Church allocates little time to Bible Study. We are lazy, gullible and ignorant. We have been raised by syncretic Christianity to avoid questioning things, so we follow anything with a closed mouth and a shut brain. We were set free by Jesus Christ, but we have become slaves again to the devil because we have not believed.

May God wake us up from this deep slumber and breathe on our souls to set us free from every satanic enchantment that makes us lazy towards Bible study.

The second part of this article will show you how to identify occultic agents disguised as Pastors. Have a blessed week.

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