Tithing is Not the Problem: A Theologica ...

Tithing is Not the Problem: A Theological Discussion With Rev. Daniel Eshun

Jan 22, 2022

There have been many debates on the issue of tithing. Believers are divided on the matter; while some denominations prioritize the teaching and preaching of tithing as a doctrine, some also consider it a secondary matter. To some adherents tithing is binding on the Christian, and reference is made to Malachi 3:10, with some material evidence of prosperity presented as proof. To others, tithing is an OT legalistic system which the New Covenant Christian is not obliged to live under. I engage Rev. Daniel Eshun, author of the book "How Did Polygamy Become a Sin" and the acting Dean of the School of Theological Studies at the Dominion University College in a discussion on the topic TITHING IS NOT THE PROBLEM, to probe the purpose of Tithing. Listen, subscribe and share

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