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Free Online Advertising - Traffic Exchange Programs

Aug 19, 2022

A traffic-exchange, also known as a surf program is an online advertising system in which members view websites of other members in order to get their own websites viewed.

The entire process is automated such that when a member views a certain number of websites in a traffic-exchange program, he earns a certain number of credits proportional to the number of sites he has viewed.

These credits are the currency with which the member pays in order to get his website / websites viewed by other members of the site.

The surf ratio of the surf program concerned determines the number of views required by a member in order that his page be viewed once. The action of viewing websites one after the other is known as surfing.

Surf ratios vary from program to program. Some sites have a surf ratio of 1:1, which means for every web page the member views, his site is shown once to one other member elsewhere.

Some sites have a 2:1 ratio which means that for every two sites a member views, his site is shown to one other member once. Some even have a surf ratio of 3:1. As you join in and start participating you will begin to understand why such differences exist.

The action of surfing is also referred to as earning credits. When a member of a surf site which has a surf ratio of 3:1 surfs thirty sites, he has earned ten credits meaning that his website, ot the web page he wants to advertise is qualified to be exposed ten times.

Getting one exposure to your site means some member in some part of the world views your website once. This is by random selection and is arranged by the script on the surf site. You could either earn credits to expose your site or sites or you could purchase credits for that purpose.

To join a traffic-exchange program you need a username, a password and a valid e-mail address. On submitting your application, you will receive a confirmation e-mail to the e-mail address you have forwarded on enrolling.

Clicking on a link on that e-mail will confirm to the surf site concerned that you are the owner of that e-mail address and thus your membership will be confirmed provided the other conditions are met.

A large number of surf sites are free to join, with options to upgrade. Upgrading requires a fee which is either monthly, quarterly, or annual.

On joining a surf site you need to read their terms and conditions and agree to abide by their rules and regulations. You also need to submit the URLs of the websites that you need to expose. These are the sites that you could spend your advertising credits on.

Some surf sites even accept up to ten URLs meaning that you can advertise ten websites in that particular program. However, you need to earn or buy credits for the purpose of getting page views.

This means you need to either surf more or make some payment. As previously mentioned, you need to focus only on what is free in order to retain the spirit of this exercise! I mean 'Free Internet Advertising!'

The advantages of an upgraded member varies from surf site to surf site. Some sites enable an upgraded member a number of free views per month. That means the member need not surf in order to enable his site to get as many exposures.

Some sites enable a paying member higher viewing ratios. For example, a surf ratio of 1:2 for paying members means that the site of the paying member (or pro member) gains two exposures to his web page for every site he views.

In order to surf, a member has to log in with his username and password. Then he clicks on a link which starts presenting websites for viewing. As you already know, viewing sites one after the other in a surf site is known as surfing.

The duration of a view depends on the surf site. Some surf sites show a page for five-six seconds, some fifteen, and some even twenty seconds. When the time is up, the viewer needs to click on an icon which appears on the screen to indicate that he has already finished viewing. Otherwise the page remains on the screen.

Viewing a site for a period longer than required will certainly not benefit the viewer in terms of enabling more credits. However if his interest requires that he remains on the site for long he is welcome to do so.

Typically, when the site being viewed has timed out, a tiny image appears in some corner of the screen. A similar image appears elsewhere in the same line, along with three other images of similar size.

You need to click on that 'similar image'. The action of clicking on this icon is what tells the surf site that you have finished viewing and that you are ready to view the next site, having earned advertising credits for having viewed that particular site.

Different traffic exchanges incorporate different methods for the viewer to indicate to the site that the member has accomplished the task required of him to earn traffic credits. But always it is in the form of clicking on something. If you are new to this, joining and operating these programs will make things clear to you.

Clicking on the required icon before the time is up means your view will not be counted. Clicking on the right icon requires human thinking and thus is the safety devise that ensures that members actually view sites and do not incorporate any software to earn credits, which amounts to cheating.

Due to prevailing promotional activity by the surf programs as well as by the members, the number of people joining surf programs keep increasing. When that happens, the success potential of all members are also enhanced. More members, means more viewers.

As a member of a surf program, you have what is called a referral link or referral URL. This URL is associated with your account, and you need to use this when you invite others to join the program.

When you use this URL and enroll other members, their surfing activity earns surfing credits for you as well. Usually it's 10%. That means, when the member whom you have enrolled earns a hundred credits, you earn ten credits.

So if you are able to enroll 100 members and each of them earns a hundred credits every single day, you gain 1000 credits to advertise your website every single day by doing just nothing!

You can promote one surf program on another. For example you can promote the traffic exchange program called EasyHits4U on another traffic exchange program called TrafficSwarm.

While doing so you can also promote TrafficSwarm on EasyHits4U. If you happen to succeed in enrolling a hundred members for each of these programs and each of them surfs a total of a hundred sites a day, you easily and effortlessly gain 1000 hits on each of these programs.

This means 2000 hits every single day to a single website or divided among several several websites of your choice in the proportion you desire.

It is very important that before enrolling with any traffic-exchange program you need to check out their terms of service and their methods of operation and agree to abide by the rules of the program.

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