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Pat Green is a former minister who left ministry around the time his son came out as transgender. Today, he a photographer, writer, and a storyteller, spreading love!

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You’re a good father. Keep it up.

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Nice article. God is clearly with you. I don’t know why others miss how easy it is to just accept everyone and let Him work it out. Which certainly won’t be based on anything to do with sexual orientation. These black hearts need to be exposed.  

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My daughter is Lesbian, does not attend church, but lives in Oregon because they are more accepting. All thru medical school she had the quandry of hiding or coming out. As a Methodist Lay Pastor I thought that UMC was more liberal and Open hearted. I was wrong, now I must decide what I should do. Thank you for your eye-opening words. 

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Thank you so much for what your wrote about the UMC refusing to affirm LGBTQIA+ people.   I've been an off/on UMC member and raised my kids in the UMC thinking it was welcoming and safe, but such was not always the case for my adult trans kid.   Looks like a good time for schism to me.  Otherwise, I have some touch decisions to weigh.