Buy Me A Coffee: More Than Just a Patreon Alternative.

Buy Me A Coffee can be used to supplement your Patreon page so you can increase your revenue but beyond that, our tool designed with creators in mind offers a whole new way and experience for your audience to support you:

A free, fast, and beautiful alternative to Patreon.

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Monthly Support

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One-time / Tipping

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Supporter experience

One-click payment Patreon account required

Payment methods

Credit Card, PayPal,
Apple Pay, Google Pay
Credit Card, PayPal

Supported currencies



Instant Up to 30 days


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Exclusive content

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5% for all features 5-12% of earnings
($300/month for Premium)

Live chat

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One-time support and donations

90% of the payments we see for creators are one-time tips so Patreon users are essentially missing out on those.
Have supporters who want to make recurring payments, become monthly sustainers or members of your work and community? We have that feature too!
Dianna Allen
anthony ware

Love what you created. Super simple setup, connecting, and payment/receive money. Took me all of 3 minutes to set up Smiling face with smiling eyesHot beverage 😊☕️

Direct and instant payouts

Payments are directly transferred to your PayPal or Stripe/bank accounts--no manual transfers needed from your Buy Me A Coffee dashboard.
We're big proponents of creators having their own agency and access to the financial support they receive from their fans.
Dianna Allen
Uncle Jessy

Woah, Someone just bought me 20 coffees today! Way way way way way too kind from some anonymous person out there 🤘

Apple Pay and Google Pay capabilities

Your supporters can now send you tips via Apple Pay or Google Pay, making it a seamless experience.
We believe that the easier it is we make it for you to get support, the faster your audience will grow.

Frequently asked questions

What is Buy Me a Coffee?

Buy Me a Coffee is a fast and beautiful way to accept support and offer extras to your audience. There are more than 100,000 creators on the platform, spread across 750 different categories (try scrolling down the homepage).

Who uses Buy Me A Coffee?

Anyone with an audience. Youtubers, musicians, podcasters, writers, programmers, nonprofits, cosplayers, you name it!

What are some of the features?

Don’t let the pretty face fool you. BMC has all the features to build your creative business.

  • Accept support (tips/donations) in a friendly way.
  • Offer Extras to your audience. We have shared some templates and use-cases to get you going, but ultimately, you know what your audience want from you more than anyone else.
  • Start a membership to earn stable income. You can share exclusive posts and other rewards with your members.
  • Send email updates to your supporters. You can also Export the list.
  • Accept one-tap payment via Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, and all major credit cards.
  • Instant payout to your PayPal or Bank account. No minimum threshold, no 30-day delay.
  • Mobile app for iOS and Android to keep track of your stats and earnings.
  • Integrations and API are coming soon. Meanwhile, use our Zapier integration to automate your workflows and connect with 3rd party apps.
  • Be featured with other top creators in your space.
What are Extras? Should I offer any?

Extras are a beautiful way for creators to sell anything they like. It’s designed to be flexible and creative; just the way creators would want it to be. We have seen Extras ranging from sheet music and unlisted YouTube videos to 1-1 mentorship calls and Zoom parties. Extras are what you make of it!

Give me one reason to choose BMC over similar platforms

We’ll give you three.

  • BMC is designed for individuals, not businesses. We’ve made a deliberate effort to make payments less transactional and more meaningful for everyone. They are your supporters, not customers. They are buying you a coffee, not donating to you. They are accessing your Extras, not purchasing it. We believe it plays a huge role in the success of creators on BMC.
  • Your BMC page is arguably the most delightful experience you can offer your audience. From the one-tap payment (look ma, no sign-ups required!) to the many exciting ways you can customize your page, we’ve obsessed over every bit of detail.
  • We listen to the creators ( ), and ship new features ( changelog ) all the time. When is the last time one of those ‘similar platforms’ shipped an exciting feature? Ok, maybe that was harsh. Anyway, we even have a community for creators to hang out.
Do I have complete ownership of my supporters?

Yes, you do. Probably the best thing about Buy Me A Coffee. Your supporters are strictly yours. We do not email them, or share their data to third parties. You can export their list any time you like

How do I get paid?

Payments are instantly transferred to your PayPal and/or Stripe (bank account). Unlike other platforms, we do not hold your balance, and there is no minimum threshold. Buy Me A Coffee is a verified partner of PayPal and Stripe.

What does it cost?

There is no monthly fee, and all features are available to everyone. We charge a 5% transaction fee, and creators keep 95% of the amount (a creator who earned $50 will be paid $47.5). We only make money when you do.

Is Buy Me A Coffee safe and reliable?

We take security seriously. Here are some measures we’ve taken to protect your and your supporter’s data.

  • We don’t store credit card data on our servers. Payment processing is handled by PayPal and Stripe (PCI Compliance Level 1).
  • We run on the robust Amazon infrastructure. Cloudflare adds an additional layer of security. We also take periodic backups, and force SSL encryption across the platform.
  • We have a bug bounty program to encourage responsible reporting of any security issues, and we’re quick to take action.
Who are you folks?

Buy Me A Coffee is a Y Combinator-backed company based in San Francisco. Check out our company values to learn more about us.

How do I contact you?

Our live chat support is pretty amazing. You can also drop us a line at [email protected].

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