Tired of Patreon? We hear you. 🙌

Many creators are frustrated with the politics and technical overheads of Patreon. You are not alone. Buy Me a Coffee is the #1 Patreon alternative with over 1 Million creators, and here’s why creators are switching.

It’s free & takes less than a minute


Buy Me a Coffee is a simple, beautiful Patreon alternative with unmatchable features.

 Buy Me a Coffee Patreon


Flat 5% 8-12% of your revenue

Paid Memberships

Yes   Yes Yes   Yes

One-time Donations

Yes   Yes (50% of the volume) No   No


Yes   Yes Yes   Yes (Beta)

Offer Services

Yes   Yes No   No

Email Marketing

Yes   Yes No   No


Yes   Yes Only for Pro plan

Fan experience

1-tap payment. No account required. Patreon account required

User Reviews

⭐️ 4+ stars and rated Good on Trustpilot 👎 1.3 stars and rated Bad on Trustpilot

An improved membership experience

Yearly membership payments account for half of the income for our creators, and Patreon doesn’t have that feature. And that’s just one of the many ‘most requested features on Patreon’ that you’ll enjoy with Buy Me a Coffee.


Creators are leaving money on the table by not accepting one-off payments

Recurring payment is a huge commitment for most people. Give them a way to support you. Those thank you messages alone are worth it.

60% of the first month income of Buy Me a Coffee creators come from one-off payments. Patreon users are essentially missing out on those.


A friendly way to fund your creativity

Instead of asking your audience to donate or ‘become your patron’, you can ask them to buy you a coffee. It sounds fun, frictionless, and very effective.

Your Buy Me a Coffee page is arguably the most delightful experience you can offer your audience. From the one-tap payment (look ma, no sign-ups required!) to the many exciting ways you can customize your page, we’ve obsessed over every bit of detail. Start your page today. It’s free, and takes less than a minute.


Instead of making a Patreon I decided to make a Buy Me a Coffee account instead, which allows for small one-off donations instead of a monthly subscription.

Absolutely no obligation, the subs & views are more than enough support.

Two Gaming Dudes
Two Gaming Dudes

We are leaving Patreon and moving over to @buymeacoffee because it makes more sense. No subscription nonsense. If you like our stuff, toss us a dollar or two, we'll get a coffee and use the rest to support all those lewd content creators! Easy.


Ok, I’m ready. How do I make the switch?

If you’re already on Patreon, we’ve made it easier for you to switch. You can start by sharing your Buy Me a Coffee link to your upcoming audience. You can also giveaway membership to some of your biggest fans to get the ball rolling. Later you can invite your patrons whenever you’re ready.

It’s free & takes less than a minute

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How do I get paid?

All payments are instantly transferred to your Stripe (Bank account). There is no minimum threshold or 30-day holds. Your supporters will be able to use Apple Pay and all major credit cards to pay you.

Is there an actual coffee involved?

Sadly, no. Buying you a coffee is a friendly metaphor for supporting your creative work. We’ve designed Buy Me a Coffee to be a fun and less-transactional experience for both creators and their fans.

Is there a fee for using Buy Me A Coffee?

There is no monthly fee, and all features are available to everyone. We charge a 5% transaction fee, and creators keep 95% of the amount (a creator who earned $50 will be paid $47.5). We only make money when you do.

Can I keep using Patreon?

Sure, you can. Complimenting your Patreon page with Buy Me a Coffee for donations and to sell Extras is a great way to diversify your income. While we believe that our Membership features are far better, we understand that it’s not easy to switch if you already have a lot of members on Patreon.