For people in the Apple technology news space, Mike Rose is a well known entity. He served as Editor for The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) for over 8 years, and his voice can still be heard on many podcasts.

Influenced by his Jewish upbringing and his lovely wife’s German ancestry, Mike is certainly what you’d call a foodie. He’s very curios about food, and loves to visit his favorite restaurants in and around Brooklyn. Through his wife, he also experienced the kitchen of North-Western Germany (Lippe) as well as Berlin’s amazing street food scene.

A while ago, Mike dipped his toes into the world of live cooking, sharing his chicken recipe on Instagram Live and showing us at least some of his many kitchen gadgets.

Mike’s favorite dish: Pork Chops in Cherry-Pepper Sauce Recipe.
Worst kitchen gadget he owns: Garlic peeler

Listen now: