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Merrill Cemetery, Colchester, Vermont: Walking Tour Part 2

Oct 06, 2021

Greetings All!  This is Patricia and I am Traveling for History!!

Today's video is Part 2 of 2 of my visit to Merrill Cemetery in Colchester, VT.   We'll meet the Merrills today!  Please join me to see an interesting mix of new and old gravestones.

"The Merrill Cemetery, located across the road from the entrance to St. Michael’s College on College Parkway, in the Fort area of town, was quitclaim deeded over to the college by the town in August 2005.

According to the Degree article, Merrill ran a tavern that would later be converted to the Fanny Allen Hospital. According to Joyce, there is no evidence of a deed to the town or when the cemetery started."-

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