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I am an energy coach in training with IPEC, one of the world's leading coaching schools. As students, we have more than 350+ hours of training with professional coaches (500+ hours) and classes with master coaches (2500+ hours of coaching with more than 35 different clients).

The reason behind this page is a win-win suggestion:

. normally at the end of the year, we think about the things we didn't do this year, the stress with family reunions, money after all the Xmas shopping and what we want to make happen next year.

. To have my first ICF certification I need to prove I have a min. of 100 hours as a coach, 75% paid. Why not mix the two?

**I am looking for 10 people to offer a 60-75min session. You donate the amount you want for the session**

Sessions in English or Portuguese. 

Thank you!