Election Central

What is it?

EC is a one-person-ran election coverage website that utilizes APIs to get real-time results for federal and statewide elections, and some eventually municipal. Additionally, I've added some of FiveThirtyEight's data through their JSON request feature. I also intend to add a percentage model that compiles the predictions of some of the most popular prediction companies.


What all do/have I covered?

Results of the 2020 Presidential race and the 2021 off-election year races (Federal, state, and some municipal) are on the site. Additionally, I'll cover the 2022 Congressional and Gubernatorial races.


What is EC's reliability and trustworthiness like and what are our sources?

I don't have a civics degree or any degree for that matter. I run this project because I love elections. When I work on my percentage model, this will be noted and all methods recorded. Additionally, all of our data is sourced and most of it is retrieved from the New York Times or FiveThirtyEight.


EC's Welcome Board: https://electioncentral.us/connect