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I have a podcast with my cohost, John Wade. We interview interesting people. I also produce a newsletter dedicated to the space industry, a life-long interest of mine. 

1) Two Old Guys Talking
Two Old Guys Talking - YouTube
I started a podcast with my best friend because he (more so than I) has some really thoughtful ideas on current topics ranging from philosophy to technology. We also interview interesting people from various walks of life. Please take a look at the YouTube channel. Hope you find our discussions entertaining and/or helpful.

2) Space News & Facts
Space News & Facts - Newsletter
Space News & Facts - YouTube
Every week, I publish a space industry newsletter with interesting facts and links from the past week. I cover both the science and the business of space. If it has anything to do with space, I'm probably writing about it!

A lot of work goes into both endeavours. If you buy me a coffee, you can help support my efforts. It is greatly appreciated. Thanks!