​PanhandleP is going madly off in all directions lol. This unusual name, Panhandle P, came about when setting up my online store. I was in a hurry to get the store set up. Every name I attempted to enter for my store was already taken. Finally,  I added the nickname of a friend that I had tragically lost a few years ago: Panhandle Pete. You see, his name was Pete and my name is Paul. He was tall and lanky and I am shorter and kind of husky. So, I became Paul Bunyan and he became Panhandle Pete: it was a running joke. 

​I entered the name as a joke and out of frustration, he more I thought about it - the more I liked it. It could be an homage to the dear friend our family had tragically lost. Pete represented many of the elements and values which we want the name to represent. He was a greater lover of nature and its beauty. He was often going on what he affectionately called his, "Vision Quests" by himself or with others. Then he would come home and tell of his adventures and misadventures. He was a great story teller of tall tales. He had a passion for people and social justice, and was always willing to lend a hand. He loved o laugh and he loved to work. He was always tinkering. So maybe it was meant to be. I like to think so.

​So, in starting this company we strive to implement those values and others also. Our motto is: Growing Forward Together. This incorporates our main goals:

​Growth - We are committed to lifelong learning, becoming better at all we do, and to providing tools so others can achieve their personal and corporate goals.

​Forward - We want to maintain a positive perspective and direction. We want to have clear goals and objectives.

​Together - Although it's an over used phrase these days, we sincerely believe that we are better together. Our goal is to build strong relationships and to collaborate more than compete. Everyone needs a place where they belong and someone to listen once on a while.​

This is a glimpse of who we are. I hope to write a bit more about who I am and then about wha we do and plan to do in the future.​