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I'm an amateur who repairs electronics as a hobby and make custom projects .. My main interests are programming and repairing electronics

Hi, like many others I bought amazing Creality CR-10S PRO printers I am really satisfied !

but I'm afraid I don't have the source code for the display! =(

therefore, I decided to write the whole source code (.hmi) from the base !!

please support me .. and how to do it? just buy me coffee =) it is the best in programming

My YouTube :

#the link to github will be soon#

Anthony bought a coffee.

Hi, Even if I don't have a 3D printer... I would like to help =) nice project ! Anthony from Greece . 

Anthony ! Thank you very much . Tom

Martin bought a coffee.

I like the project ! I waits for GitHub Link =)

Thank you very much for your support i appreciate it ! .