I always feel weird asking for help
But this time it's not just for me
It's for all the mothers
Who feel alone,
Unsure of this winding road
Of motherhood,
Of understanding herself

This time it's for something bigger than me,
It's for a purpose,
A drive,
A knowing that my words,
My heart
Is meant for more

Here I come to you
My loves
Asking for your help
In sending out these words
To the world.

Today I ask you,
"Have these words spoken to you?"
"Have these words seen your soul?"
"Have these words touched your heart?"
If the answer to any of these is yes,
Please help me get them into the hands
Of more women,
More mothers,
More eyes that need these words
That wish to drink from the same cup
Of remembering
Of solace

They need the nectar too
They need these words too
They need a place to be seen and loved too

Today I ask you
If my words have reached you
Will you help me reach more?