Online character design workshop by a professional watercolor illustrator with real experiences as a character designer in the video game industry.

In this short class, I'll teach basic character drawing and introduce the way to design a character with homework checking service one by one on the private Facebook group platform. The teaching video is in the Thai language with English subtitles. The English homework checking service is also available. No expiration date.


⭐️ One-day online workshop details (Live recorded video 4 hours length)
- Introduce how do I create characters, How to use references, and how to mind map my ideas.
- Demonstrate a character design from the students' suggestion poll.
- Demonstrate the coloring technique, How do I pick up the color and the color value.
- Assign students to design a character. You could send your homework via the homework post in the Facebook group. Students could use any drawing or painting technique.

⭐️ Register fee 45 USD

⭐️ About instructor
Owner of Instagram @pearlgraygallery with over 100,000 followers, graduated from the Faculty of decorative art, Silpakorn University, Thailand with 1st class honors. Now working as a freelance watercolor artist, watercolor instructor, and character designer.

⭐️ Tools needed in class
- A4 papers
- Pencil and eraser
- Coloring tools up to student's skill (Digital : Ipad, Computer | Traditional : Watercolor, color pencil, marker etc.)

⭐️ Find out more on my website.


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