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Outcasters - Any sign of life?

Feb 04, 2022

A fun and original game, Outcasters launched as an exclusive game on stadia in December 2020. With 4 quick game modes, customisable characters and unique stadia features, the game landed to a very positive welcome and started life well.

Just over a year on and things look very different.

There is a lot to like about Outcasters. It's style of play is easy to pick up difficult to master. the short games mean it is easy to become swept up in that "just one more" mindset. It was popular amongst streamers on the platform because of it's audience interaction thank to crowd choice and even allowed viewers to join the game easily thanks to crowd play. So fun and engaging in fact that the publishers [Splash Damage] Hosted weekly events on their YouTube channel.

But it wasn't long before it got dark...

Maybe it was the growing back log of games people have. Maybe it was Outcasters no longer being a pro game. Maybe it was the closure of Stadia Games and entertainment in February 2021 (Why not. It seems to be to blame for everything else). But the lobbies got quieter and it took longer to find a match. Streams from content creators dwindled down. Even from Splash Damage. And today... There's barely even a pulse.

Their once active Twitter account (@playoutcasters) haven't tweeted, replied or even liked a tweet since November 25th 2021. The last live stream was August 2021. Around that time, i reached out to Outcasters and asked for codes for character packs to do a giveaway during a live stream and they generously provided not only character packs but also copies of the game! However, after making multiple attempts to contact Outcasters and Splash Damager in the last couple of weeks, my messages haven't even been read.

Given it's fun and unique gameplay, given it's a stadia exclusive, given that it showcases crowd play and crowd choice beautifully, seeing the game die a slow death in less than 1 year is tragic. I sincerely hope that it somehow comes back from he bring of death like a phoenix from the ashes. Unfortunately, this looks unlikely.

I will keep playing. And I'll keep streaming in hopes we can pump some blood back in to it's veins. So if you want to light up the servers to draw out splash damage from hibernation. Subscribe to my channel, dust off your vinyl, and I'll see you out on the battle field.



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