Feb 04, 2023

Content slump

Dec 22, 2022

I really want to stream again

But my PC just isn't capable enough when i'm not streaming stadia. Stadia only has less than a month of life left so I am unlikely to be streaming anytime soon. I will continue with other content of course but streaming, for now, is on the back burner.


Oct 04, 2022

Reactive vs Proactive.

Aug 22, 2022

Expect worse content from me

My tech YouTube channel goes through long periods of inactivity. This is down to a lot of different reasons. Not having the tech to review. Not feeling motivated. Not having the right equipment. I've realised that most of this is just excuses. True I haven't got a camera to record with or a pc that's capable of video editing. But still, the main thing holding me back is myself. In the book I'm currently reading, The Buddha and the Badass by Vischen Lakhiani there's a... more


Jul 21, 2022

FIFA 23: mobile vs switch

Jul 13, 2022

The ugly truth about life online

In todays world, our words how the potential to reach millions if not billions of people. And it's concerning what people do with that privilege. When you can say anything you like online, be careful. You could be encouraging. You could be kind. Uplifting. Inspiring. Grateful. But no. It is my observation that the nativity if the people in the world choose to abuse this privilege and be cruel, unkind and mean. They put people down. They judge based on arbitrary things like where they... more

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