I believe connection is so important. In fact, connection is the very foundation of that which gives meaning and purpose to our lives. Pretty important, right? So I wanted to take this opportunity to share a bit more about myself and my creative process with you all, to help us... well... connect.

Part of my mission and purpose as an artist is to witness, co-create, and share life’s beauty & magic. Creating art is a joyous vehicle for me to express my gifts and live into this purpose.  

My work is a visual representation and celebration of color, consciousness, and divinity. A depiction of the inner world of mystery and magic that lives within each of us, connecting us to one another and to the infinite universe of which we are a part. 

If you know me, then you probably already know that I'm a BIG fan of color! This is evidenced throughout all of my artwork as well, often through the use of rainbows. One of my favorite symbols, the rainbow - spectacular in its splendor - signifies joy, beauty, and the gorgeous diversity inherent throughout nature and all creation. In addition to vibrant colors, many of my works include sacred geometry, symbols and codes as well as elements of nature — whatever my Muse calls for, really. 

Each painting is a journey which starts with intention, but never with a clear picture in mind at the outset of what the finished painting will be. Instead, this process is very much about allowing, listening, and receiving the images and the messages which reveal themselves along the way. It’s a beautiful divine dance between me and my Muse, my heart and my soul — which unfolds layer by layer, with each stroke of the paintbrush... much like the opening of a flower into full bloom. 

Each of us are creations, living within a creation, possessing the epic divine power of creativity. We are all creators! The question is, how are we using our gifts?
Are we using them in accordance with our hearts, with our values, and our truth?
Are we creating in a way that honors and respects our interconnectedness?
Are we even aware of what we’re creating?
Creating with conscious intention is where the true power, magic and beauty lies. This is the practice of Intentional Creativity which is at the heart of my work.

Thank you for being a witness, and a part of my unfolding story.
And thank you for your support.