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Hi There! I'm Penelope and if I'd have to describe in a word what I do I would go with Multipassionate. With a background in Ecology and languages I enjoy travelling and writing for my blog and other websites. I am currently homeschooling a teenager this year and enjoy going on adventures with my nurse/musician husband, teen DD and a crazy Flatcoat. Currently we got a van in the hopes to convert it and going out on road adventures. I enjoy museums, road and boat travel, in-transit airport adventures, cultural festivals and always appreciate good food and coffee. I don't consider myself the usual tourist and love to travel off the beaten path and find some hidden gems within the city too. There are many hours invested in creating and writing. So If you think my work is of some value, then please consider inviting me a coffee. My brain runs on inspiration and coffee! 😊☕️ Check out my site if you haven't!

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