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I'm Pavel graphic designer. From 2006 I started the Peopleofdesign project like magazine or blog where I'm writing about design, art and fashion. 

Short story
When I finished the university as a graphic designer in 2006 I was meet with one incredible designer. He has got idea about design studio and I told him the name - Peopleofdesign. After few days we stopped thinking about agency and started creating the blog. It was a first russian blog about design on russian language. 
Our friends and partners was Fotolia, Wina Festival, Coca-Cola, BBDO, Swatch and many many other good companies. 

Why I'm here?
I don't show any advertisement on the Peopleofdesign because it not good for readers and I thought - if you want to support me with Peopleofdesign, buy me a coffe :)
I will publish here some interesting from the world of design.

Short about me
From 2002 to 2006 I was studying in University and got bachelor in graphic design. I got few awards of my packaging design, logo design, web sites and illustrations. Also I was invited to jury to A'Design Awards&Competition; Epica Awards and Wina festival. Now I working in branding and game UI design. And watching tennis. 

What if you buy me a coffe
If you're designer or artist - you can send me your portfolio and it will be published. You can write me to [email protected] ... Also I have many ideas of startups and I can tell you something :)

Thank you.