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Our aim is to provide you with regular in depth documentaries twice a month on the lives of historical figures. 

Each video will document the life of an historical figure in a detailed linear way which describes clearly in an easy to understand way the progression of events in that persons life. 


Firstly you need to know that having someone we've never met pledge their hard earned money is one of the greatest compliments we could ever wish for and we don't intend to ever take that support for granted.

Therefore if you choose to help fund the channel we promise you that your money will be used to make our documentaries better, make them more often and eventually enable us to realise our dream of becoming a full time historical documentary makers.

So if you like our work please do us the great honour of pledging what ever you can per month. We promise you that your faith in us will be repaid with interest.

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Hi there. Just found your channel. Love the content (and the story behind it). I am looking to expand the range of work I do to include more narration and audiobook projects.  I would be happy to narrate a couple of your videos free of charge to help build up my portfolio if your current narrators ever get too busy. At the moment I write and record a lot of e-learning audio and video content. For example: Regards, Mick