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New milestones and great videos

Sep 24, 2022

Hello everyone!

This past few months has given me time to post amazing videos which have been so well received I have doubled down on making long format well researched videos which you will all enjoy.

And you have already rewarded me with huge viewership and so many great comments and feedback that my channel has now grown to over 19,000 loyal viewers who have pushed my total view count past 5,000,000!

These are incredible milestones I am very proud of and which give me a reason to keep making really good videos for your enjoyment. I have great plans for hundreds more of videos and more ideas come to me every days, just as do developers with requests to showcase their games on my channel.

I hope you are all well and good in these hard times both physically and mentality. Don't worry about the financials, all will come to those who are healthy, safe and happy. I have had a few problems with health my self, covid19 amount those, and this has shown me once again: No health, no joy.

I wish you many happy gaming days! Best wishes, Peter

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