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Passed more milestones! 6M views 20k subs

Jan 07, 2023

Well 2023 is here and my channel has hit several new millstones!

First I am happy to report passing 6,000,000 total views across the channel and videos which is a very considerable number, especially since most of that has happened in the last few years.

Second the channel is now home to over 20,000 gamers like you and increasing every day. With more viewers come more comments, some good, some bad, some constructive some just criticism. But all are welcome as they give me good pointers on what to look for when improving my content.

I am working on a lot of videos right now, and I have literary hundreds more on my to do list, I haven't added more editors to my channel, so I am not posting as often as I would like. I hope to fix that in 2023 and have more people making awesome videos you have come to enjoy on my channel.

Some changes will come in the way that I want to focus on certain video formats, like How to play or Start guides, totally new game showcases, lists of upcoming games, lists of games like your favorites form the past.

There will of course always be some surprise along with those, and some sponsored videos by big AA or AAA publishers. These are never fluff, I don't ever say things I don't mean, so don't ever think I take money to market things for these publishers. I only take payment to make videos about games I am interested in and know you are, in an objective light and to show them off to you as much as possible.

I love this work, all of it, and you all for supporting me! Have a good new year, and stay tuned in for more !

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