Hello, void!

My goal here is to build a community of movie lovers, to discuss and share insights and opinions into our favorite movies.

I recently started a YouTube channel, "Perkins", where I will be posting movie reviews, reactions, and discussion videos. If you're not subscribed yet, I encourage you to check that out!

"Movies With Mom" is a series on the channel that I am focusing on first. I've noticed that when you become a parent—and this seems especially true for moms—your view of movies changes. My wife, and some friends I've talked to, say that tolerance for scary movies goes down, and sensitivity to things that used to not phase goes up. Something about having kids makes you increasingly sensitive to the content of films.

I find this fascinating.

So instead of just a regular reaction channel with cinephiles or average movie buffs, I wanted to point my camera at parents, especially moms, to get their reactions. Fortunately, I know some mom's who haven't seen some movies that I consider "must-see films". If you want to get all of that content and be a part of polls or whatever else, you can check out the MWM Patreon page. Your support there helps me also!

(Side note: I told Elizabeth that if we get 1,000 subscribers on Patreon, she can get Lasik eye surgery. Then she'll be able to see the movies even more clearly, and won't have to wear glasses anymore!)

But in addition to "Movies With Mom", I have some other ideas for the channel. But it will take time to put together, so your support is enormously appreciated! I hope you stick around.