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It is a good problem to have, though!

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FutureBlog (click here to read from the beginning)

FutureBlog chapter 8 by Pete Nicholls

Questions and a shock...

Welcome to chapter 8 of FutureBlog! When we last saw Sato, he woke in someone’s bed, deep into the Machine Levels. I know what you’re thinking: what’s a bed doing where only machines are allowed? Sato begins to ponder the mysteries he’s getting deeper and deeper into.

Apologies for the week off—Substack was having issues the night I usually post the chapter—I MEAN—Substack was having issues and Sato’s latest FutureBlog post did not make it back in time until a week later! ;)

If you haven’t but want to, you can read chapters 76543 or 2. Want to start at the beginning? Do that here! Or just start reading below!

22220913 posted by Sato Nakamoto

I'm not at all a fitful sleeper.  My dad used to joke that I got it from my grandfather, also named Sato.  I come from a line of them. I think I’m the fourth or fifth.  You’d think that they’d have gotten tired of naming their sons “Sato.”

Apologies.  Bad pun. Do you have puns all those years ago?  Probably.

Honestly, I can sleep through quite loud noises if I'm expecting them, or rather, am used to them.  When I was a child growing up in New Edin, the weather authorities experimented with letting it rain in order to lower the costs of cleaning the buildings (can’t have a utopian society with dirty buildings!).  When the storm generators suffered a software glitch and created ten storm systems in a single day, turning off the generators didn’t stop the storms.  So we all had to get used to ten storm systems quite literally bouncing into one another for the better part of a month.  The first few days were torturous, but by the end of the second week I could sleep through the loudest thunder crash.

I don't know how active the night was back in the early twenty-first century, but now there is really no difference between night and day in regards to when people work.  It's a twenty-four-hour-a-day society.  Despite the lack of sunlight, you're just as likely to see people walking in the park at three in the morning as you are twelve hours later.

As I said, I don't sleep at all during the night if I can help it.  I think it’s because the night is when I do my best investigating.  I always feel like I should be doing somethingeven at two in the morning. My grandfather used to tell me I was a “yorugata,” which was an old term from his grandparent’s home country back before the world was made up of domed cities around the world. The term means “night owl.” I keep meaning research what an owl is or was, but I keep having to do more important things.

Speaking of: the night after we got back from the M's, I was wiped out.  From the next morning on, I had been laying low and taking it easy.  I could have easily been killed down there and I wanted to get comfortable in my own skin before I went back down there.  Arif even suggested it was traumatic.

That night, I could have sworn that mystery woman had come to me—as I slept—not to me in bed, or anything, but to my window and she potentially saved my life again.  There's no walkway immediately outside my flat, but I heard a noise at around forty-past-two.  I'm still not sure what it was, but when I opened my eyes, I saw a dark and strange shape at the foot of the bed.  The shape slowly creeped around to the side of my bed and slowly toward me.  The closer it got, the more terrified I felt. Just as it was about to touch my right hand, it dissolved into the shadows of my bedroom. 

I decided that part was me seeing a trick of the light or perhaps I was asleep?  When I glanced to my bedroom window, I saw her—the woman from below the M’s.  Well, she was silhouetted—her body turned black in the security lights outside my flat.

As my very fatigued brain finished processing what I had seen, I sat up and turned on the light.  Focusing on the window first, I saw no one there, just the open air and the pretty view down the way past a few very beautiful buildings and the traffic, of course.  Turning my attention back to the room, I saw Ryca standing by the bedroom door, completely still, like a statue.  She definitely gave me a start.

So much for her focus on protocol. 

I still don’t know how she was able to save my life twice now.

Before I went back to sleep, I put on my robe and stepped outside my flat. I live on the edge of the building, hence my window with a view, so I peered around the corner from the walkway outside my flat and saw my bedroom window, ten meters above the window below it and ten meters below the window above it.  There was no way a human could reach it without a scaling pod or some other climbing apparatus.

I was able to fall back asleep after a few hours.  At one point I was so desperate, I thought about asking Ryca to sing me a lullaby.  Not Arif, but some other friends often encourage me to get a prescription for sleepers but I simply am not a fan of consuming chemicals to solve my problems. They’ll only mask that something is wrong and the wrong thing will keep on, well, wronging.

No, thank you!

Perhaps I should just get a therapist. Especially after what I am about to detail next.  It’s been so nice not thinking about this next part.

I woke one morning days after the trip to the M’s to find an e had arrived on my dev from my employer, the good Madame Chancellor, you remember her. We saw her on the subtrain. I opened the e-message to find that she had "invited" me (in quotes because it was clearly a demand) to attend a rather important dinner event that was being co-sponsored by both the Body Corporate and the Body Governance, our two most powerful political bodies.

The e was short and blunt and included something about her date for, some reason, “bailing” on her thus nominating me somehow as the replacement.  Seems her date is is a member of the anti-terror body and they needed to work that night due to a lot of chatter coming in about the Nogoodnicks. 

Of course, that night, from my perspective precisely then, was that night.

Even worse, there would be a horrible tragedy at the event and I'm afraid I don't have all the facts despite having been there and there being days since the bombing.  The events of that evening were so very much chaotic and they remain that way in my mind.  I'm afraid that I won't make the most sense if I try to explain everything to you now.

The short version of the story is that the Nogoodnicks struck at the dinner event Chancellor invited me to.  There was an absolutely horrible explosion and something like fifty or sixty people are dead.  We're not sure of the exact number of dead as many fell from the building.  Scanning crews have been searching for bodies, but they're difficult to find.

Those bastards hit the dinner because it was filled to the rafters with the elite of New Angels City.  The mayor, the governor, the CEO and the CFO, as well.  One of them is dead and the other two are receiving critical care, which means they could be dead as I type this. 

I lost Chancellor in the confusion.  I tried contacting her but her dev wasn't accepting my e’s.  My hopes for her health are low, currently.

Nearly the entire top floor of the City Conference Center was destroyed in the explosion.  It was a miracle that it wasn’t the entirety of it.  I can't imagine what the Nogoodnicks hope to accomplish by doing something horrible like this.  In fact, I don't see how terrorism has ever been a viable alternative to diplomacy or peaceful protests.

This is simply horrible.  There were flames everywhere…

We were lucky Critical Care Authorities were there as quickly as they were or more would have died on the spot.

It’s not like it happened yesterday, but I still feel like I just need some time… to gather my thoughts or continue gathering them and the facts.  It’s awful to feel this way. I feel compelled to get out of my bed and investigate but I know my head just isn’t right.  When you witness something like this first hand, it truly is a horrifying experience and I'm afraid my ears are still ringing and the faces of the dead and horribly injured have yet to leave my mind and…

She was there.  I saw her in a window.  No silhouette.  No shadow. Just her, same athletic suit, same circuitry mask… she was there the night the Nogoodnicks struck.

The thought that she had something to do with the bombing did cross my mind.  How could it not? It’s not like she’d been invited.  So, why was she there?  Though, if she saved my life that first time below the M’s, before Ryca had been assigned to me, I wonder why should would have taken part in a terrorist bombing of a public/private bodied event.

No, I am not ready to accept the possibility that she was part of it.  Though, I can’t deny it either.

Thanks for reading! The next chapter will be out in 14 days! Yep, I am giving myself more time to edit the precious work I did years ago and to write some non-fiction (as in, not fiction) every other week (see ScriptDrPete.com and NerdyPete.net and all of my comics via Pete.ink to see what else I’m working on). I hope that you are enjoying this so far! Please, if you have thoughts on FutureBlog please let me know what you think via my contact page or just:

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FutureBlog chapter 9 by Pete Nicholls

What really happened at that terrorist attack?

Welcome to chapter 9 of FutureBlog! Still reeling from his experience as an eye witness to a terrible terrorist attack, Sato finally describes the event itself and the mysterious woman’s all too coincidental appearance there, that night…

If you haven’t but want to, you can read all previous chapters on a brand new Table of Contents! Or just start reading below!

22220927 posted by Sato Nakamoto

My apologies for the later-than-usual blog post.  It's difficult for me to find time away from others to do a second blog entry every day.  While Arif has made it very convenient for me to access his Text-based Temporal Communication System (TTCS), it’s important to remember that we all keep blogs as it is required by law.  Even writing a page each day can be taxing for people who are as busy as I and after the 1619 event, I am pressed for time to sleep, eat and even use the facilities.  "1619," in case you are curious, is the new media catchphrase for the terrorist attack I had the distinct displeasure of being an eyewitness to the night before last.  “1619” comes from the address of where the dinner took place. Outside the main entrance to the building is a giant “1619” sign. We saw it so much, we all had it burned into our brains.

Having been an eyewitness, I have been asked onto every news chat in the Eighteen Cities.  I've was even on Good Luck Earth, the most popular chat there is.  Did you have chats back in your day? You must have had some sort of visual component to your daily news consumption.

I think I may be just too easily distracted by thoughts of the violence the other night.  Seeing her there makes me wonder just what she is up to.  When I first saw her on the M’s, I was intrigued but if it turns out she's just another Nogoodnick bent on the destruction of our way of life, then I think I should take a different tack when I next pursue this story.

The good news I have to report is that Madame Chancellor has turned up alive.  She did take a fall, but miraculously, she survived.  I don't have all of the details as I haven't had time to see her.  I hope to pay her a visit in the city medcenter tonight or tomorrow. 

In the meantime, I've been making the chat rounds and also wrote several pieces for SNADS--the SNA Daily Site.  I'll try to paste a copy of my article into my next entry just so you can see what modern journalism looks like. 

That reminds me--I have to stop by my health official and get a new prescription of Alta.  My nerves are absolutely out of control right now and thanks to the number of times I've had to recount what I saw at the attack I've completely run out.  Alta, which I know you don't have back in the twenty-first century, is a sort of nerve calming drug.  It's non-habit forming and allows many of us in the more stressful occupations to keep doing what we love.

I'm sure it's saved my employer from having a number of heart attacks.

Let me try to encapsulate what is going on currently.

The Nogoodnicks are a group of terrorists, with agents in all of the Eighteen Cities.  They are led by a man called Hugh de Molay. De Molay was a member of the Muja Rebels--a team formed from the remnants of the so-called Free Government of New Calcutta.  Our history books tells us that when the Eighteen Cities were being founded, there was originally planned to be twenty.  The nineteenth city was to be new Calcutta, but there was a local movement who didn't want a Saviordome built nor did they want the protections that the Bodies promised.  Using terror, they fought with Body authorities until the gloves were taken off and the movement was essentially obliterated.  The few who remained were forced to surrender and to promise to never attempt to even inspire revolution again.  They made them put it in writing, of course.

De Molay, himself, signed the contract.  Yet, he didn't stop fighting the Bodies Corporate and Governance.  He was then and is now regarded by most as spineless and deceitful.  Yet, even when his descendants are able to terrorize and kill, some are not convinced of their evil.

Most often, the attacks only kill a handful of people and come once or twice a year.  However, with the 1619 attack, the death toll is now pushing one hundred.  It seems that I am very lucky to have survived.

As I think back on that night now, I recall an uneasy calm.  I suppose I was only nervous because of my context.  I certainly wasn't used to hobnobbing with such elites.  I am just a reporter and there I was in the same room with the High CEO and the President.  They sat as you would probably expect--next to each other with their cabinets at tables on either side of them.  The Body Corporate was to the left and Body Governance to the right, as is the standard.

Their tables were up on a stage, while the rest of us sat at large, round tables made up like the tables, themselves, were brides to be.  The entire room had walls of Plecksi, the material the Saviordomes are made out of.  In fact, the nearly perfectly clear Plecksi walls rose up to a dome that mimicked the one protecting our city.  There were even ornamental versions of the anti-bacterial towers that line the outside of our real dome.  Even with these towers, from just about any location, along the walls, one could see nearly all of New Angels. What a view!

Madame Chancellor was force-feeding me to her various friends or people she referred to as friends but really couldn't stand.  I don't enjoy social situations when the people I am to be social with make more money in a day than I make in a year.  Some of them appeared to share the same distain for me.  I don't blame them.  I know my place and that dinner was not mine.  I could not wait for the dinner to be served.  The "drinks" portion of the event seemed to go on for quite longer than I thought I could bear.

As we moved from one group of wealthy people to the next, I made an excuse.  "Look, Madame Chancellor, I, uh, could really see the plumber about now."

"No problem, kid.  You know where it is?"

"I'm sure I can find it."

As I started for the exit, Chancellor added: "Don't get lost."

I smiled back at her.  'There’s an interesting idea!' was the phrase I wore on my face.

As I reached the exit of the hall, I stepped aside letting by a waiter carrying a tray-full of champagne.  Yes, this was all class—actual human waiters.  As I dodged another waiter, out of the corner of my eye I noticed a shadow, outside the wall of Plecksi I was facing.  I stopped and squinted and I could clearly discern a shadow—one shaped suspiciously like a person—a woman.  Then I saw it move toward one of the ornamental towers.  Instead of descending the stairs and exiting I rushed to the Plecksi.  I looked around to see if anyone had made the same observation I had, but all were absorbed in the social business at hand.

As I looked back to the shape, I could now see it standing fully upright.  There was now light falling directly on to that shape.  It was the shape of a woman--it was her.

Without any warning what so ever, she dropped from view.  My heart leapt and I raced down the steps to the next level down.  I dashed to the window that was most directly beneath where she had been standing.  She stood on the other side of it, once again shrouded in shadow, but I could see her clearly enough.  I have little doubt that she wanted me to see her.

The last time I had seen her she wore a strange mask that seemed to be covered in circuitry.  She held her mask in her hand.  I moved close to see that her face was actually quite stunning.  Brown as coffee, with her bright blue eyes, piercing me—somehow. My heart? My brain? She was… well, she had… an incredible presence.

I put my hand against the glass, hoping to make some sort of further connection with her.  She put her mask back on, stepped away from the edge of the Plecksi just as strange mechanical shapes seemed to appear from nowhere, grabbing her at the waist and shoulders, lifted her upward and out of view. Now that I think about it, those shapes looked like wings.

As I stared upward, just after she vanished from view, I saw a bright, orange light emanate from the floor above me—and then, a half second later, I heard it—a powerful boom that shook everything around me.  I fell to the floor and could see flames lick down, around the tops of the Plecksi windows.  Huge chunks of Plecksi fell over the side of the building and a large shaft of flame roared down the stairwell I had taken just minutes earlier, engulfing one of those human waiters along with two people who were attending the event. 

The next thing I recall was waking up on the floor.  I stood up and ignored my immediate dizziness.  I rushed directly for the stairwell and then up it.  I think it was then when I first noticed how cold it was.  The middle of the night, on the top floor of one of the tallest buildings in New Angels City, and the buildings decorative Saviordome was almost completely gone.

There were bodies everywhere.  I ignored my fear and despair with the gruesome sights and looked to the CEO and President.  Both had been safely protected by the emergency shells built into the stage beneath their seats.  Their shells were designed to resemble old sea shells one could find on beaches, when they were still safe to visit.  It was a surreal image on top of an already all too surreal experience.

I don't know what I did next.  I think I tried to find Madame Chancellor, but, as you know, I wasn't able to.  I remember suddenly finding myself thinking about her--the mystery woman.

Clearly she saved my life by leading me down from the top floor.

But why didn't she save everyone else's?

Blast--I've got to get myself to my health official.  I can feel my nerves acting up again.

More soon...

Thanks for reading! The next chapter will be out in 14 days! Yep, in the two weeks since my last posting of a FutureBlog chapter, I managed to write about the impressive film “The Woman King”. Go read me review! Over the next two weeks I plan to write more for ScriptDrPete.comNerdyPete.net and some other projects that will remain nameless for now. I hope that you are enjoying FutureBlog so far! Please, if you have thoughts on FutureBlog, please let me know what you think via my contact page or just:

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See The Woman King in Theaters and Support the Future of Female-Made Movies

It’s great for what it is and does and for who made it.

Regardless of what anyone thinks, The Woman King is an important, groundbreaking movie that is leading the way for more female-made movies (I hope).

I'm not even kidding--this movie was directed, shot, and written by women and it stars more women of color in a movie than I think I've ever seen in any other movie ever.

We all need to see it because less well made movies made by men, about men, have made plenty of money.

The good news is, The Woman King is off to a good start!

What's almost as impressive as The Woman King getting made at all is that it made $19 million in its opening weekend. For this time of year, a film made by women, starring women of color, making that much money disproves what Hollywood has been saying and doing for decades—that movies by women about women won't sell tickets and get both male and female butts in seats and therefore not letting those movies get made.

The Woman King has a 94 score on RottenTomatoes.com and its audience score is 99.

Hollywood may go back to sleep after this but this is definitely a wake up call to any of the dinosaurs out there who think 1) women can't make a movie most people will want to see or 2) that movies featuring women and/or women of color can only be rooted in stereotypes. To me, it suggests that the Entertainment Industry has been missing out on a TON of money for decades, if not most of the last century, by not letting filmmakers of color and women, in general, make movies (I mean, duh, of course they were, but now we have proof!). People will say something like "America wasn't ready for this in the past" but the reality is, whether they know it or not, people are always ready to be led into the future if there is a leader willing to lead.

Regardless, The Woman King proves that movie goers are down for women/of color movies.

What I think Works in The Woman King (spoiler free)

The story, the cinematography, and the acting in particular, all work very well. Viola Davis is probably going to get an Oscar and it wouldn't surprise me if one of her supporting costars gets one, as well. This film was written for strong actors who can bite into a scene and not let go.

Also, it was an absolute joy to see so many people of color go through so many emotions--many of them positive! When do you ever see black people allowed to be happy in a movie? It's great to see it happening more and more these days. Questlove said he made the documentary Summer of Soul, in part, to portray "black joy" and despite the war story that The Woman King is, there is more joy portrayed than you might think.

What I think Doesn't Work in The Woman King (spoiler free)

I felt the music, while beautiful and moving during the film, didn’t really stick with me.  My wife had to remind me of how powerful it was. So obviously, I think the score works fine, but not to a level where I wanted to immediately get the soundtrack on my phone.

I also feel like we could have had a better sense of space and time. I’ve never heard of Dahomey and while I can find western Africa on a map (I went to college, after all!), saying Dahomey is in western Africa doesn’t nail it down enough for me. Likewise, I had no idea where the slave trading city on the water was.  There was also the enemy camp.  In short, I just didn’t know where any of the locations were in relation to any place else.  Also, I have no idea how much time passed. Most movies these days ignore the passage of time, so like the score, it’s not a huge complaint.  It just helps build the world when we know this stuff.

There’s only one thing I feel was really worth criticizing in this film and it should not stop you from seeing it anyway:

The script.

I can't remember how deep I was into the film when I first realized it but the film feels a lot like other historical war dramas--to the point where I could see where things were going pretty clearly and quickly. That doesn’t make the movie bad—sometimes predictability makes a story more relatable—more like a fable. The could be the case here, with that 99 audience score at Rotten Tomatoes.

There were also moments where the dialogue was so on-the-nose it was distracting. It was like the screenwriter slipped and wrote dialog stating the subtext of the scene by accident. Or, worse, the writer thought her audience would need the themes of the movie spelled out.

Each of the main characters has a character arc but I feel like each one was oversimplified and lost a lot of the power it could have had if the screenwriter had dug deeper. There was one character who had pretty strong screen presence and a descent amount of screen time only to die without us really knowing her at all.

All of this said, none of it really matters.

I’ve seen hundreds of movies that I’ve had these same criticisms about—some were bad movies and some were still good.  As I said above, this movie is groundbreaking. It brings so much innovation in the form of the people who made it and the story that they had the guts to tell. What I'm talking about is that women did this thing. They did a thing that men have been doing for decades—both in the story and out—waging war and making historical war movies about men waging war.

And that's why it felt like other films that have come before—but it is so much more because women finally got to take a turn being the stars in front of and behind the camera.

I really hope the industry will allow these and other women to take more turns because this story and others that focus on roles about people who happen to be women are what the planet Earth needs. Movie goers need to see that movies don't always have to be about white men to be good or worth viewing and movies about women and/or people of color don't need to be rooted in their stereotypes (as in, black people starring in movies about gangs, rap music, or basketball players or women always being portrayed as people in relation to the men in their lives).

No, I'm Not Going to Tell you "How I'd" have Written The Woman King

Usually I like to write a synopsis or even a full breakdown of "How I'd" have written a thing. In this case, I already gave a nutshell of it, above (smaller nutshell: I'd have a stronger focus on character arcs, keep the subtext sub, and include more surprises). I'm also not interested in breaking the film down more with a spoiler section. If you've seen a good war movie, you know the story of this film but you haven't seen this movie.  It’s got black women in it.  LOTS of black women in it.  If there is another war movie with this many women of color in it, I want to see it.  Seriously.  Tell me the title!

Obviously, no film is perfect but is The Woman King entertaining?

Hell yes!

Should you see it?

You should buy your tickets now.

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After Pete, Cartooned, was invited aboard a space ship by a friendly alien named Alaan (or Alaaaan, as he prefers it pronounced), Pete and Alaan land aboard the space station just beyond the Earth Exclusion Zone--a space station known as the Double Zero.

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