The points game is simple:

1) Recognize someone for something good they did during your every day life--a funny joke, a good idea, an act of kindness, or even a good point in a discussion.

2) Tell them they just earned POINTS from you. That's IT!

What are POINTS?

POINTS in the context of the POINTS Game have no monetary value and can't be exchanged BUT they do represent a moment (or hopefully moments) where someone recognized you for a good thing you did! So, in that sense, they are INVALUABLE!

Are there game pieces in the POINTS Game?

The POINTS Game HAS GAME PIECES but they are NOT REQUIRED to play. The POINTS Game is more fun though if you do! You can buy the official game pieces by heading to Nth Designs NYC on Etsy. Or you can just make your own game pieces. The only real requirement is that they have the word POINTS on them. How many times you put the word "POINTS" on them is up to you.

Who owns the POINTS Game? Well, I created it, but anyone can play it or make game pieces or make their own versions of it. The idea is to get people doing nice things for people doing good things! That's the most important part. If your version of the POINTS Game doesn't do that then your version isn't the POINTS Game.

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