The foundation of your home is a very important element. Any damage to it can surprisingly create a lot of problems for you. Usually, the different weather conditions bring alters the soil moisture content. From landscaping damage to insect intrusion issues, you might have to face them all. Therefore, when you spot a problem, contact a professional as promptly as possible. As a homeowner, you need to be sure that your home’s foundation is in the best shape.

Moreover, familiarity with the foundation methods is also necessary. If it requires repair, you need to make an informed decision about how to fix it. If you’re searching for a new home, you need to look out for signs of foundation-related problems. It’s better to consult a professional who knows how to deal with it. The following are common foundation repair methods.


Slab-jacking, also known as concrete lifting or mud jacking is a common foundation repair method. It is a repair process for homes that are constructed on a concrete slab. In this process, a professional injects concrete underneath the foundation by pressure.

Firstly, they drill holes into the area that needs repair and secondly, pour synthetic lifting solution into the holes. The material lifts the slab to a level even with the surrounding concrete. Slab jacking is a quick and relatively low-cost method. For homes where this is not an option, other methods are considered. Have the best and economical services for foundation repair Dallas Texas.


Piercing is another foundation repair method that involves using metal or concrete posts to support a failing foundation. It’s a cost-effective method that many homeowners use commonly. In this method, push piers drill 10-15 feet below the ground using a hydraulic ram. They are like large screws that drive into the ground with the help of a motor. This process is useful to correct the sinking foundation level.

Furthermore, this process is beneficial as it requires no heavy equipment and minimal disruption. Although, you'll need the help of a professional.

Soil Injection:

Soil injection or injection stabilization is an advanced foundation process. This method includes chemically stabilizing the soil with potassium ions, necessary due to the expansiveness of the clay soil. However, this process results in a more stable soil zone. 

This process is common during construction. It’s a great solution for digging up and replacing soil. In this process, a professional penetrates chemical-based solutions into the soil. The advantages of soil injection include permanent reduction of soil swelling. It is an effective strategy that many professionals use commonly. You can rely on Solid Foundations for reliable foundation repair services. Their service includes repairing hydraulic cement foundation, crack foundation, and stone foundation.


The strength of a home comes from a solid foundation. You need to make sure it's not fragile. Look out for protruding nails and cracks in the basement, if you find any, get an inspection of your home. Leaving it will only create more problems for you. It is advisable to deal with it as soon as possible.

Moreover, you should leave foundation concerns only to a professional. Make sure to find a company with experience, knowledge, insurance, and certifications. Doing so will ensure the job is done perfectly from the start to the finish.