Mold infestation not only ruins your home but your health too. They are undesirable in any home as it darkens the bathrooms, grows in between tiles and stains the walls. It feeds and damps the wood which gives a disgusting sight. Apart from being a disgusting site, they can cause allergies and damage your respiratory system.

It is one of the major problems in any household and once you see mold growing in your house, you will try to clean it up right away. The mold remediation is a kind of task that should be handled by professionals but hiring one is costly.

But if the mold infestation is small, then you can handle it on your own. But before you take the charge, here are a few things that you should learn about mold cleanup. These techniques will help you get rid of it without compromising your health.

Mold Identification:

Every home experiences mold infestation and it is suggested to clean them before they turn into big chunks. The black molds are easily identified which can easily be removed by the cleaning products that are available in the supermarket.

These small spots if not removed can turn into large colonies. You can find them in damp areas. The black molds are of two types mildew and dirt mold. The mildew can be removed by using bleach while the other will not. For that, you have to call the professionals as you can easily get allergies from it.

Safety Precautions:

After you have identified the mold, you need to take safety measures. If you are dealing with molds on your own, then it is very important for you to protect yourself from its harmful effects.

It is highly recommended by service providers of mold remediation Los Angeles that you should wear proper clothes and a mask as you plan to clean molds by yourself as a thin mask will not help.

While cleaning molds their particles can stick to your clothes and can transfer to others, so it is better to throw those clothes. You should wear glasses and gloves so that there is no direct contact with them and the particles do not go into your eyes. The particles can easily stick to your body so it is suggested to take a proper bath before eating/doing anything to get rid of them.

The spores can transfer from one room to another due to air so you should use proper ventilation and as you are removing molds close to the air conditioner or any area which can transfer them to any other area of your home.

Choose the Right Cleaning Products:

You need reliable cleaning products to clean it and a professional mold removal company. Many people think that bleach is an effective treatment but it is not true as it turns black to white but there is still a possibility of the mold to come back.

The specialist recommends chemical borax; it is a white powder that you can use to remove mold. Mix it withhold water and apply it on the affected area and rub it off with a brush or a scrub until the mold disappears. You do not need to wash it as it will prevent the mold from coming back.

Keep the Surface Dry:

Moisture is the main cause of these mold as they grow in moist and damp places. So, it is very important to dry that place by using proper ventilation and if possible use a dehumidifier.