Dec 06, 2022

Seriously #2598

Hi.I was going to be a pooch?But then I saw a 20 second clip of Ryan Reynolds and just realized that *shrugs* I am so sick coming off as the worlds most negative man.Hope you are all well.Peace / Pete

May 14, 2022

Win or lose?

Depends on where you are standing?Does it not?I have lost many times. But 5 or 10 years later or so in perspective, I keep finding most losses are gains?I never wanted that which I lost.I never gain that which I do not have.My greatest victories in life are things I have learned from my failures or losses.I find life is not linear.Not exact.In all honesty, would I have found one, I would have taken a more comfortable path in life?But that's not how it works?Not if you are spun like... more


Apr 27, 2022

The life?

Mar 26, 2022

Cat lady

One day she was a cat....See? That’s tough on a guy?It’s not that I don’t like cats.I do.But that whole express yourself thing works great in making little things work? And next you knew; ”Mjau.”.Fucking mjau?Peter Dolving 26/03 2022

Mar 26, 2022

We are alive

I face it every single day.I looked up, in a moment of sudden sober realization, crowd surfing the audience at a show in London back in 1994. "I am not really a part of this am I?"Bands?We are drugs?!We are used and spent. Therapeutic tools. Fetishes. Dildo's. Phenomenal fuckdolls. Caffeine to reach the goal.Hell of a thing?Positions.When you finally detach from the social position and identity that is "Artist" - I realized it is the most self-destructive position in... more

Mar 12, 2022

Not all things in life are pleasant.

When I was 17 I once found myself wading, in rubber boots - almost to my knees, shoveling maggots, in a slaughterhouse backyard.Got rid of a full winter’s worth of rotting innards bones and well... maggots. Stuff that should have stayed frozen solid, but that particular winter, kept freezing, thawing, refreezing, thawing etc.Clearly - disgusting.Took three days.Shit job.A couple of years later I made friends with a truly fantastic soul, he had a similar experience;But the digging he did... more

"Now... how does this work?"
PTSD. Why it matters.
I am going to tell you a story.