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Peter Consistently Falconer is a UK-based sound artist and composer, originally from Hartlepool.

His work frequently combines music, sound design, narration, historical research, and sonic journalism to tell parafictional stories about both our own and possible alternative realities. He is currently nearing completion of his PhD in music composition at the University of Southampton.

His PhD research is an online archive of sounds and music documenting the history of a County Durham seaside resort called Seaton Snook, from its establishment in medieval times to its sinister vanishing in the late 1960s. Visit the archive in progress at

Peter has written for Jane Chapman, Zollner-Roche Duo, Kompass Ensemble, Kasia Zaminska and the National Trust, is the house composer for Proxima Dance company, and welcomes commissions from instrumentalists, community spaces, and contemporary dance practitioners.

He doesn't normally refer to himself in the third person.