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May 2021 Targets

May 2021 Targets

May 02, 2021

This may I’m going to try and get the next draft of Black Blood done. That’s my priority writing wise. A big part of my early efforts will be rewriting an entire sequence of the story. Something I’ve realised is there’s a part of the story which looks back to what my original idea for this story was, which was a zombie like creature roaming a military type complex. I could never make that work, but I’ve managed to sneak it into the current iteration without even realising it. I’m not going to try and write that story, there are reasons why it didn’t work but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great plot element that’s going to help me write the current version of this book.

Another reason I’m not going to write this is because I think it‘ll screw up the pacing and I like the mystery it gives this part of the story. It also means I can pay a little homage to a few movies that have had a huge impact on my fiction.

I’m putting a lot of attention on organising and productivity at the moment. I’m pretty bad at planning things and I’m trying to not be so bad. Working on goals and plans with writing I hope will help me improve my organisational skills. I’ve got a monthly set of targets, and I map out each week with smaller targets. I’m not necessarily hitting them, but I’m finding I am a little and as I map out more of my writing time I’m hoping it’s a skill I’ll be able to develop.

Since I changed professions last year I’ve become more aware of productivity and efficiency. At my day job it’s talked about a lot and I’m hoping to transfer not only the skills I’m picking up but the mindset as well.

In April I wrote about 10,000 words and edited 72,000 words. I’m not looking to surpass those numbers, I’m looking to make progress with the stories I’m working on. Black Blood being the primary one, but a couple of short stories as well.

So yeah; moving forward, being productive and making progress. I feel like I’ve got a little momentum. Which is always nice.

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