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The Right Mindset

The Right Mindset

Aug 12, 2020

With all the ups and downs I've been having in my personal life recently there have been times where I'm fired up and feel like I can achieve anything. Then, the other side of that coin is I feel useless and unable to achieve anything. I've been feeling like that for a few days and it was particularly bad yesterday. This morning I woke up feeling drained, another nights bad sleep, but I also felt energised and determined. I had a decent morning at work, which fired me up to get some writing done this afternoon. I've edited a drabble and a short story. The short story is with beta readers while the drabble had been submitted to an anthology. I also wrote a letter to someone who helped me out recently, and sorted out a couple of details I've needed to do because of one of the changes in my personal life. I wrote a blog post over at and thought about some designs for logos and business cards.

So, it's not been a bad day so far. I'm going to try and do some work on Penal Earth and start filling in the gap that's in the story and then another blog post.

I've been productive today simply because I've got into the right mindset. I had a challenge at work this morning which meant I had to get stuck in, which gave me a good start to the day. If I get that good start then I can normally carry it on to the rest of the day. It gets me in a positive mindset that is very hard to manufacture. It's birthed from actions and not thinking or planning. I have to fire myself up in just the right way for it to work. I haven't figured it out yet, but I'm slowly getting it. If I can get a handle on the formula that gets me into this mindset then there is no reason why I can't achieve all I need to.

Thanks for reading. I know times are tough but if you could spare it, a contribution would be appreciated and it all gets put back into my writing. I have cover art, editing, and formatting that I'm looking at paying for by the end of the year. Anything that I receive through this site goes straight to that.

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