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Hello we are Pet & Pat! You can now buy us a coffee!
Eric von Essex
Eric von Essex bought 2 coffees.

Wow, thank you for our morning coffees! Boing boing boing! A perfect start of the day! Much appreciated! Thank you from both of us! ❤️ 👍 

Eric von Essex
Eric von Essex bought 4 coffees.

Bless you both. It's an honour to know you. Sorry it's not much. May the sunshine of spring soon shine, warming the days and bringing smiles to everyone.

Thank you for the treat of warm coffees! They will keep us warm and awake! And able us to go to a paid camperspot with electricity again! Expect a shoutout in the next video! 😍 ❤️ 👍 

That's a very kind reply and it's much appreciated. 

Meisje Beer
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