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I have spent most of my life writing and storytelling. Sharing my stories with my fans on Wattpad has been one of the most wonderful experiences.

When I found Wattpad, all I intended to do was post a few chapters of a story I had written. I was a new Mum with a little baby missing my creative time to myself. Between changing nappies, round the clock feeding and sleepless nights, the first few chapters of The Vouyerist Club were crafted. When I published the chapters I hoped that maybe a handful of readers might enjoy them. Nothing could have prepared me for thousands of readers and fans from across the globe.

I love writing and my relationships with my loyal and supportive readers.  My dream is to write more and more content for you. If you enjoy my stories please consider buying me a coffee to help me get closer to make this my full-time career. Thank you for your support! Xx